The Institute’s Mission Statement
We are currently experiencing a severe and deepening social divide. This is not limited to Western societies; it is a global phenomenon. The process of this division has been progressing inexorably for a number of years, but since March 2020 it has accelerated sharply and has also taken on a new quality. At its core, this results from the increasingly irreconcilable perspectives on the political, media, social and economic handling of the manifold (and multiplying) crises of our time. Apart from a few prominent exceptions, members of the social sciences and humanities have so far tended not to get involved (too much) with questioning and critical analyses of these developments and their political effects as well as the root causes for the observable handling of the state of emergency. In our view, they thus owe society the fulfillment of their most important task. With a focus on this task, it is our goal to create a new impetus and anchor point. Well-founded critical analyses in the field of social and societal sciences and collaborative research and publishing should thus be made possible and already existing works and perspectives should be brought into exchange with each other. Linked to this is also the hope of opening up a new point of contact for further critical perspectives and contributions.
In the sea of academic journals, the “Zeitschrift für kritische Gesellschaftsforschung” (Journal for the Critical Study of Society) aims to offer a genuine added value with two concrete characteristics and to make a new and relevant contribution to the discussion. On the one hand, the journal endeavors to deal with specific aspects of the global crisis per issue with a specific thematic focus but coming from different disciplinary perspectives in order to be able to do justice to the complexity of the different topics. We hope that this concentrated and interdisciplinary approach will provide us with a more complete picture of the respective subject matter and that we will also benefit from the neighboring disciplinary perspectives in our analyses. On the other hand, the thematic focus of the issues should help to make the scientific texts attractive and accessible to a broader audience and thus open up a new path of exchange between society and social science.

Editors of the Journal „Zeitschrift für kritische Gesellschaftsforschung“:
Dr. Hannah Broecker
Dr. Dennis Kaltwasser
Prof. Dr. Michael Meyen
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Dennis Kaltwasser
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